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Sarah was invaluable to give me an alternate perspective on how the daily grind of the job could be tackled at a time when I felt very downtrodden and was struggling


Sarah was very understanding. She listened to my problems ...

helped me look at the issues from a different perspective. It was a huge relief to see there is someone

whom you can share your problems with no fear.

Our sessions have given me the confidence to continue working in the same place, not feel threatened by anyone. Equally they have given me the opportunity to understand the different options available to me.


Thank you Sarah for your friendly, non-judgemental, supportive approach.  Your experience and understanding of the challenges of managing busy medical careers with family life has been invaluable.  You've helped me re-evaluate what is really important to me.  I always walk away from our sessions with a spring in my step, feeling positive, with a realistic action plan that is helping me to finally improve my work-life balance

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