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Tailored to meet your needs, packages can range from a single session to multiple sessions over a period of time.

Just a few of the areas I work on with clients:-

 – ​Clarity on defining and achieving your goals

 – Career transition and development

 – Challenging your assumptions about what you can/ should/ would love to do

 – Recovery from and prevention of burnout 

 – Imposter syndrome

 – Struggling with perfectionism and people pleasing

 – Creating a work-life-satisfaction balance that works for you

Coaching Outdoors

We do our best, freer thinking outside and connection with nature has many benefits. You and I will either walk together (in accordance with Pandemic guidelines) or speak over the phone while both walking. 

My clients have loved the liberating effects of a coaching conversation while away from their usual obligations and surroundings of life. 


Contact me for a Free Discovery Call and we can explore this further to best understand your needs.



Workshops, Webinars & Small group facilitation 

As an experienced Medical Educator and accomplished communicator I am happy to work with you to deliver sessions on a wide variety of topics including doctor wellbeing/ career transition/ portfolio careers/ burn out.

I'm happy to discuss your needs and craft a new topic or session in conjunction with the needs of your organisation.

Webinars recently provided on:-

 – Wellbeing in COVID-19 - to a Global audience of Doctors and Nurses

 – How to Create a Career You Love

Podcast on wellbeing for healthcare workers in development.

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